It started with a whisper

and that was when I kissed her

Rora :: 17 :: HBIC :: Married to Austin James Evans

I'm Aurora Kendall Smythe-Evans. I'm one of the babies of the family and the only biological Smythe. I've only been breathing for seventeen years. My besties is Jezibelle King, Jack Karofsky, Nevaeh Puckerman and Noah "PJ" Puckerman. Mrs. Evans is the closest thing that I have to a mother. I more like my dad then people think. Off the market and it's offiically staying that way for forever. So, deal with it boys. Ciao all!

Adorable :)

Thanks, Pete


OOC: OMGG totally forgot about Bryan’s kid! THEOOO can we just say they still have a good relationship hahah

Yes, there were some details with the Bryan that took your place about a heart defect and such. Idks if you want to keep that drama


book cupcakes!


Hey people


Private: Sorry, sorry!!  

Private: Good

bryan--abrams sent: My Bryan


Hey people


Private: LAME. hahaha

Private: Rude

Hey people


Private: come on. dont make me seem like an idiot here!

Private: I’m doing no such thing

Hey people


Private: Thats no attitude to have! Gotta be positive. I am a beautiful, strong woman who gets what she wants. say it!

Private: Nah, I’m good